Ernie Park

Starting my blog on GitHub Pages

03 Jan 2014


Like many other software engineers, I’ve wanted to write a blog for a long time. I keep meticulous track of my thoughts and ideas in Evernote, but was never able to jump the hurdle of actually finding a good platform to host my blog. It’s a lame excuse, but a common one. Fortunately, the phenomenal new GitHub Pages site along with Jekyll makes it extremely easy to get a blog started.

Both GitHub and Jekyll have done an incredible job of identifying the pain points that stop most people in their tracks. To get set up, I:

  1. Created a new GitHub repo for my blog
  2. Installed Jekyll (gem install jekyll and jekyll new my_blog)
  3. Created a file called CNAME in my repo with
  4. Updated DNS records on my domain registrar to point to GitHub

That’s it! Writing posts is as simple as creating a new markdown file in your _posts directory.